Pricing as a Service

In today’s fast paced, interconnected business markets, there is an increasing need for sophisticated pricing strategies to compete.  Subscription pricing, SaaS, and usage-based pricing to name a few.

As pricing strategies become more sophisticated, the pulls on an organization’s resources have grown in scope, scale and complexity.  Many Finance and Marketing executives struggle to effectively manage pricing in such an environment, often lacking the know-how and tools needed.

A growing number of companies establish “pricing offices” and/or “deal desks” to manage this complexity.  However, many find that establishing a pricing office was not easy or quick – often taking months to staff and hitting many snags along the way.  Even when up and running, these companies find that the analytics of managing pricing consumes much of these resources, hindering pricing directors’ ability to focus on valuable pricing strategy work.  The result, over time, after pricing strategies and systems are implemented, the incremental value provided by pricing offices start to diminish.

The Pricing Office brings experienced pricing experts to address your pricing needs within your existing organizational structure – without the hassle, cost, and risk of hiring full-time dedicated resources.  The Pricing Office gives you the bench strength you need to better compete in today’s marketplace at a fraction of the costs of going it alone.  Typical engagements with The Pricing Office have a 2:1 to 3:1 ROI compared to building a pricing team internally.


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