Know-how and Experience


The Pricing Office team has developed an understanding of the science of pricing strategy and the tools & analytics required to make sound pricing strategy recommendations.  Each member has extensive experience consulting for leading pricing strategy firms.  Each member has also worked as a corporate executive implementing pricing strategies within different industries and different size companies.

This gives The Pricing Office team a unique perspective on how to solve your pricing strategy problems, and getting them to work within your unique business.  They know how to make pricing strategy a reality for you.

While some aspects of pricing strategy can be transferred between industries, industry domain expertise is critical when implementing pricing strategy.  Industry domain expertise is more than just studying an industry, but rather working directly as executives in the industries of focus.

  • We understand the economics, trends and key players within your industry
  • We have worked alongside senior executives as colleagues
  • We have addressed many of the problems you face with your pricing today

Our industries of focus are:

  • Software
  • Life Sciences
  • Financial services
  • Manufacturing
  • Information Services
Meet Our Team

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