Ultimately, the performance of a company can be reflected in one number… Realized Price! In one metric, realized price reflects how well a company understands its customers; how well it markets and sells; and its market discipline. Establishing a pricing group, whether as a stand-alone group or part of a traditional functional area, is essential to effectively maximizing your realized price.

The Pricing Office gives companies a readily available resource to increase your realized price without dedicating valuable resources and time building it from scratch. The Pricing Office works with you to develop your pricing capabilities and provides on-going support at costs lower than a full-time pricing team.


How we help:

Value to Product Management
  • Products that are managed based on customer value
  • Better customer segmentation and/or market segmentation
  • Development pipeline optimized for value delivery
  • Solid understanding of offer and deal profitability
Value to Marketing
  • Value propositions focused on quantified value delivery
  • Market-specific regional campaigns
  • Sales enablement tools that demonstrate value of products and solutions
  • Case studies that address customer pain points in the market
  • Packages structured to solve customer market problems
Value to Sales
  • More wins
  • More effective negotiations
  • Improved sales effectiveness and conversion rates
  • Quicker deals/increased sales velocity
Value to Finance
  • Better management of discounting
  • Insight on “Deals to watch”
  • Better understanding on “Pocket Price” and economics of deals
  • Enhanced ability to optimize price changes
Value to Pricing
  • More time for pricing strategy versus price operations
  • Ability to manage peak resource demands
  • Collaboration with experienced pricing experts
  • Expansion of pricing capabilities
Value to Private Equity Investors/Venture Capitalists
  • Faster time to value
  • Reduced investment risk
  • Greater transparency
  • More control

Pricing Office Development

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Pricing Office Operations

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Discrete Pricing Services

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