Discrete Pricing Services

Service Offering


Value Analysis (Internal SME input only) Value analyses help product managers and product marketers understand how the components of an offering translates into benefits and quantified value for customers.
Value Analysis (Internal SME + 10 customer interviews)
Value-based Roadmapping Value-based Roadmapping takes an outside-in view of value to define and prioritize product development. This analysis prioritizes your product pipeline by quantifying customer value that features can drive.
Customer ROI Tools This works builds on value analyses outlined above. These tools help Sales communicate value of your solution to customers to garner higher prices in the market.
Negotiation Strategy Plan Negotiation Strategy Plans map the value to customers of negotiation terms versus the incremental cost to your organization to allow you to better plan sales discussions.
Pocket-price Analysis The Pocket Price analysis quantifies the total revenues and costs of delivering your offer to provide an understanding of where there may be profit leakages in doing business.
Price Optimization Audit Analyzing the variance of Sales data to yield insight to develop different pricing and packaging strategies.
Deal Dashboard Quantitative information on your market effectiveness. Tracks discounting, win/loss reason codes, deal size and product mix for each deal. Trends and deal KPIs. Integrated into CRM.
Deal Desk Deal policy creation. Negotiating boundary policy and approval levels. Quote support for field teams.
Sales Quoting Tools Tools that allow sales executives to easily communicate estimated price quotes to customers quickly and easily.
Discount Analysis A Discount Analysis determines if discounting is consistent with your business strategy and identifies potential sales training and customer segmentation opportunities.
Win/Loss Interviews Understanding why you win and lose. Customer depth interviews on key deals to understand customer’s purchase rationale.
Data Management Cleaning and integrating data sets used in analyses – eliminates garbage in/garbage out