Art of Implementation



It has been shown that 70% to 90% of consulting projects or strategic initiatives never get fully implemented.  This is due in large part because it requires a special skill set for successful strategy implementation.

Strategy implementation requires pragmatic team leads that can operate effectively at the crossroads of functional teams.  The Pricing Office team understands the challenges of implementing a strategy while trying to manage on on-going business concern.  It is like trying to change the tires on a race car traveling 200 mph.  There are existing contracts, messy data sets, regional differences, incumbent sales models, quota targets, accounting policies, compensation plans, just to name a few.

To successfully implement cross-functional strategies, you need to have a team lead that manages with experience, empathy, and at times, humor.  The Pricing Office team has deep experience as executives that have successfully implemented complex strategies that impacted myriad functional departments.  Every organization is different with different organizational challenges to successful pricing strategy implementation… you need a partner that has the skills, attitude and experience to make your strategy work!

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